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Pre Fried French Fries Production Line

half-fried french fries
Pre-fried fench fries or half fried french fies is with advanges of fast, simple, delicious as many consumers favored. This kind of pre-fried french fries is popular in fast food industry.
How do make pre-fried french fries? Today we will show you the Pre Fried French Fries Production Line manufactured bye GELGOOG Company.
The complete pre-fried french fries production line including potato washing and peeling machine, potato sorting machine, potato cutter, blanching machine, de-watering machine, pre-frying machine, de-oiling machine, air cooling machine, frezzer and packaging machine.
Fresh potatoes after washing and picking up will be transfered into the cutting machine, the size of the french fries can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
And then it will be tansfered into the blanching machine to remove the starch of potato fries while maintaining the color of potatoes, so that it is not black.
After that, the air-dried line can effectively remove the moisture on the surface of potatoes, and then transfer into the fried line.
The frying time of  frozen fries is very short, keep the oil temperature at 170 ~ 180 ℃, frying 1 minute or so.
After frying, the pre-fried french fries will be put into pre-cooling into the quick-freezing machine quick-frozen, quick-freezing temperature control in -36 ℃ to ensure that the center temperature of potato products in 18min down to -18 ℃ .
The pre-fried french fries should be quickly bagging, packing, and then storaged in freezer under  temperature of -18 ℃. Then the pre-fried french fries will be sold to supermarts or shops, widely used in KFC, McDonald's fast food industry distribution center and distribution plan.
Consumers buy pre-fried frozen fries, and then frying a few minutes at home.
The complete Pre Fried French Fries Production Line:
No. Machine Name Machinery Description
01 Elevator Automatic transfering material, convenient and efficient, saving manpower
02 Potato washing peeling machine Automatic washing and peeling potatoes
03 Potato sorting machine Removing the rotten potatoes to improve the quality of raw material
04 Potato cutter High efficiency, and the size can be adjustable
05 Conveyor Conveying the cutted french fry to the blanching machine
06 Blanching machine Remove the starch of potato, and inhibit the activity of active enzymes to protect color
07 Vibrating Spin-dryer
Remove the very small pieces of fries and get rid of excess moisture.
08 Air cooling line The effect of air cooling is to remove the excess moisture of fries and then convey to the frying machine
09 Fryer machine Frying to keep the fries with good color, and optimize the texture and taste.
10 Vibrating de-oiling machine Vibrating de-oiling machine is to get rid of excess oil.
11 Air cooling line Blow off the excess oil, fully cooling down to get into the frozen machine
12 Pre-cooling machine Frozen french fries(Pre-fried french fries) is easy to be packaged and transported.
13 Packaging machine Automatic packaging frozen french fries according to customer requirements packaging weight.