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Berries Air Bubble Wash Machine Sold to Azerbaijan

air bubble wash machine
Customer from Azerbaijan ordered one Air Bubble Washing Machine from GELGOOG Company. Customer plans to use it for cleaning berries and then packaging for sale. The capacity customer needs is 2 tons per hour. 
This air bubble washing machine are made of stainless steel SUS304 material except the motor, bearings and other standard parts, in full compliance with export food hygiene requirements. This commercial bubble washing equipment is with a bubble generating device, so that the material was tumbling state, remove the product surface pesticide effect, and can add the right amount of pharmaceuticals, disinfection and fixing, floating objects can overflow from the overflow tank, sediment from the sewage outfall, To achieve the purpose of cleaning.
Air Bubble washing machine is for the appearance of high material design, apply to: Vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, herbal medicine and other granular or leafy vegetables, mostly used to wash ginger, red dates, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, spicy dishes, apple, berries, lettuce etc.
The instructions of Air Bubble washing machine:
1. Check the bubble cleaning machine parts are intact, open the water valve, so that when the water back to the water level, off the small valve.
2. Open the blast, circulating water pump, conveyor belt, the material into the sieve plate, according to the different materials to adjust the circulating pump pressure to ensure that the material in the water residence time, so that more thorough cleaning materials.
3. Adjust the conveyor speed, so that the material again after the spray cleaning in the transport process to filter out the water, the material into the box by the conveyor belt.
Detailed pictures:
fruit washer machinevegetable and fruit cleaner
vegetable washing equipmentcommercial fruit washing equipment