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Potato Chips Machine For Sale

Potato Chips Machine we have Full-Automatic and Semi-Automatic potato chips production lines. The frying time is controllable, product demand adjust according frying time, the whole segment division multiple microcomputer temperature control, to precisely control the oil temperature, so that fried food is maintained at an optimum temperature. After feeding, the overall temperature fluctuation range controlled within 2℃, reduce re-heating energy consumption, saving production time and improve efficiency.

Working Process of Potato Chips Machine: Feeding Material---Mixing---Quantative Feeding---Continuous Mixing---Press---Forming---Fryer---Flavoring---Tidying
For the fryer machine, GELGOOG offer two types of heating: Electric heating and gas heating, depending on the local needs of our customers, electricity is expensive in some countries may suggest heating gas. Heating we can design according to customer demand.
The potato chips frying machine uses 304 stainless steel mesh belt feed transport, delivery speed frequency control according to the product type and frying time, the feed inlet thermal insulation material wrapped fully guarantee the operating safety of the workers, to prevent burns. Workshop production reached safety standards.
Frying machine Scope:
Suitable for potato chips, french fries, Shaqima, vegetables, onions, peanuts, beans, banana chips and other snack foods fried.