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Semi Automatic Potato French Fries Factory Business

potato french fries machine
This potato french fries making line is specially designed for small and medium scale potato chips manufacturers. We offer three different models 50 kg/h, 100 kg/h, and 200 kg/h for you. This potato chips line is lower in price and high efficiency, and it is your best choice for processing potato chips. By changing the cutter machine, you can also make potato chips or other shapes of fries. It is known to us all that potato chips business is the most-lasting business now and forever.
Processing steps of small scale frozen french fries line:
1. The first step if potato washing and peeling. 
2. Potato cutter machine: This machine can cut potato into slices and strips by changing cutting blade, and the thickness and size can be adjustable;
3. Blanching machine: Put potatoes strips into blanching machine for washing, keeping the original color;
4. De-watering machine: This machine can be used to remove the excess water so as to save the time;
5. French fries frying machine: Made of stainless steel, used to fry french fries;
6. De-oiling machine: Remove oil content of french fries, make them more delicious.
7. Seasoing Machine: This machine is used to add flavors to french fries.
Capacity Planning Tips for a Potato Chip Start-up delicious potato chips
♡ Capacity planning is a constant requirement in a potato chip business and will directly affect the success or failure of your startup.
♡ The secret to effective capacity planning is that it needs to be performed for long-term, medium-term and short-term time windows. While long-term capacity planning may necessitate the acquisition of additional equipment, medium-term capacity planning may occur in the context of expanding the market demand. Short-term capacity planning, on the other hand, may work in tandem with production schedules.
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small scale french fries machine