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Peanut Processing Solution Provided to Sami Canada by GELGOOG

From the beginning of January to November 2021, after 10 months, GELGOOG's consistent professional service impressed Sami Canada. Inventually Sami company signed a contract with GELGOOG to cooperate on a complete flavored peanut processing solution.
Sami Canada is a well-known vegetable and fruit supplier in Montreal. It not only supplies deep-processed fruits and vegetables products for major supermarket chains in the country, but also operates nut processing business. After years of continuous operation and a good reputation, the business performance of Sami Canada is good. In accordance with the development strategy of steady growth, the company decided to expand the processing scale of flavored peanuts on the basis of more than ten years of processing experience.
roasted nuts processing machine

Large scale is inseparable from specialization and mechanization. In early January 2021, the assistant of the Canadian company Sami contacted GELGOOG Company. Previously, he had collected enough industry information and equipment information for the processing of flavored peanuts. During the communication, the assistant conveyed the company's main focus on the flavored peanut processing solution: the material of the equipment, the design details and the effect of the finished product.
To this end, the customer manager of GELGOOG has come to the company's R&D factory many times to show customers the plan through online meetings and introduce the company's related production links and processes. In order to show the effect of the finished flavored peanuts, the company's R&D factory arranged a test machine test for the customer through a video connection, and provided detailed data such as production line cost, output, and labor. GELGOOG also shared with customers the specific cases of many Canadian customers who have cooperated with each other. After 10 months of persistence and consistent patient service, we have finally won the trust of our customers.

continuous nut roasting equipment

At present, the flavored peanut production solution customized by GELGOOG for Sami Company in Canada will be put into production soon, and the output and effect will also be recognized by customers.
GELGOOG is committed to providing customers with overall and personalized food processing solutions and professional services, and solving processing problems for customers. I believe that GELGOOG's professionalism and sincerity can impress more food processing enterprises and jointly promote the digital and intelligent development of the food industry.