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Office Relocation of GELGOOG Guangzhou Branch

The Chinese new year is getting started. On January 25, 2022, GELGOOG Guangzhou branch temporarily moved to Zhongying Building, Poly Clovis Plaza, Tianhe District, Guangzhou city, temporarily leaving the office in Baiyun and Tianhe. All employees of the GELGOOG Guangzhou branch participated in the housewarming ceremony.
GELGOOG guangzhou branch
At the housewarming ceremony, the company's CEO John sent congratulations through VCR. He expressed his gratitude to customers and partners for their long-term support to the Guangzhou branch. He mentioned that the meeting of the two teams and the logistics business in Tianhe marks that the Guangzhou branch has entered a new stage of development. Constantly close to the customer's efforts. This has important strategic significance for promoting the intensive and high-quality development of Guangzhou branch. He hoped that all employees of the Guangzhou branch would further pragmatic innovation, enhance work effectiveness, continue to expand the scale of export business, actively carry out domestic business, improve customer satisfaction, improve customer relations, and efficiently realize the various strategies of Guangzhou branch with fuller enthusiasm for work.
GELGOOG Guangzhou branck
Consultant Fiona, production manager Elton and other representatives in the headquarters expressed their congratulations on the relocation of the Guangzhou branch through the camera.
John's speech and the blessings of several representatives from the headquarters greatly inspired the morale of the employees of the Guangzhou branch. Everyone was confident and expressed that they would continue to innovate in the future to work, improve customer satisfaction, and create greater value for customers.
In the new year, GELGOOG Guangzhou branch will not forget its original intention, keep moving forward, keep in mind the glorious mission of making food production simpler and safer, and win the trust of customers through first-class products, good reputation and perfect service. Open a new era and build a new journey of dreams!