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Automatic Ice Cream Cone Production Line Shipped to Saudi Arabia

In January 2022, the automatic ice cream cone production line developed by GELGOOG has been delivered to Saudi Arabia. This is another new upgrade after the customer ordered the semi-automatic sugar cones machine in October 2021. It shows customers' recognition and trust in GELGOOG.
ice cream cone production line
The background of the customer is a family-owned business producing and selling ice cream cones and biscuits. Focusing on the field of expertise and establishing a good reputation, the customer has managed the company well. With the increasing number of orders, the newly updated semi-automatic ice cream cone production line still cannot meet the customer's demand for increased output and reduced personnel. To this end, the client carried out a two-week market research and effectively planned the allocation of cash flow.
ice cream cone production line
Being able to sign the contract with the customer on the upgrade of the ice cream cone production line again benefits from GELGOOG's increasingly perfect service concept of the whole process of pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale. In the communication after the semi-automatic production line was sold, the account manager of GELGOOG learned that the customer has started a new round of upgrade planning.
Therefore, the customer manager and product engineer of GELGOOG Company combined with the customer's factory area, staffing, upgrade budget, etc., timely tailored the automatic cone production plan and biscuit plan for the customer, and provided Detailed drawings. The detailed information provided the basis for the customer to quickly analyze the input and output. The customer quickly made the decision to immediately start the product line upgrade, and chose GEGLOOG again without hesitation.
waffle cone production line
At present, the customer has received the equipment and are satisfied with the effect of the equipment test and the tracking service of GELGOOG. In the next step, mass production will be carried out according to customer orders.
New pursuit of innovation, win-win cooperation. Saudi customers said that they will carry out in-depth cooperation with GELGOOG in the future in the fields of food production and processing such as biscuits and cookies or other bakery products.