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Peanut Roasting and Dry Peeling Machine Sold to Trinidad

One customer from Trinidad ordered one unit of peanut roasting machine and one peanut dry peeling machine from GELGOOG Machinery. Customer requires of 100kg/h for peanut roasting and then dry peeling. Peanut roasting machine is divided into electric heating and gas heating according to the heating form, and is divided into carbon steel and stainless steel according to the material. We can design ovens for different purposes and forms according to your needs. And GELGOOG peanut peeling machine is mainly used to peel roasted peanuts.
peanut roasting and peeling machine
Multi-purpose peanut roasting machine is mainly used for drying and baking peanuts, broad beans, cocoa beans, melon seeds, nuts and other granular materials. The heat generated by the work of the electric heating tube is dried by infrared radiation and hot air convection, and the baked material has a pure taste. During the heating process, the drum is continuously rotated to make the material evenly heated. Applicable for various material: peanut, almond, cashew, cocoa bean, soy bean, sunflower seeds,etc. It's suitable for drying and roasting.
Roasting temperature is up to 300°c, you can adjust both temperature and roasting time according to your need. You can take out samples easily to check roasting condition, easy for operating and convenient.
Heating source can be gas or electricity, some model you can even use coal and firewood. You can choose the type which is more convenient and economic for you.
Raw material of our machine can be carbon steel or stainless steel, we can even make half stainless steel (parts which in contact with food directly by stainless steel, other parts by carbon stee)according to you need.
peanut roasting machine for sale
The dry type peanut peeling machine is a very good roasted peanut peeling device. This machine can be used in combination with multiple peanut peeling machine to complete the production process of feeding,peeling and separating. 
Dry Peanut Peeling Machine Working Principle: Adopts differential rolling friction. When the moisture of peanuts is less than 5 percent (to avoid baking paste) after baking, then start peeling, and then sieved, the exhaust system sucks away peanut skin, which separates the whole peanut kernel, half grain and broken peanuts.
roasted peanut peeling machine