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Introduction of Peanut Frying Line

The peanut frying line is consisted of conveyor, peanut frying machine, deoiling machine, elevator, air drying machine and vacuum packing machine. The capacity range from 300kg/h to 1000kg/h, can be customized.

1.The working process of peanut frying line:Sorting to take out the unqualified peanut---Fryer Machine---De-oil machine to remove oil on the surface of peanut---Elevator---Air drying machine to remove the residual oil on the surface of peanut---Vacuum Packing.
2.Peanut Fryer Machine: it is automatic discharge the peanut to de-oiling machine. Made of stainless steel 304, it is with electric heating system. We also can customize it to be Gas Heating method according to clients’ requirement. It also can be made to be with function of stirring to mix the peanut in the fryer machine. Thus, the peanut will be fried to be uniform. Thus the color of peanut will be almost same. 
3 .Vacuum Packing Machine: it used to pack peanut, and also can discharge the air in the bag and make the peanut in vacuum state. Thus it can extend the quality of guarantee period.