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Fried Peanut Processing Line|Groundnut Frying Line

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-1000kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Fried Peanut Processing Line is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, dipped tube heating, heat transfer evenly, to solve the local oxidation phenomenon, so that frying oil color to keep bright and effective to improve the quality of fried goods. The complete line consists of Continuous Peanuts Fryer, Oil Filter, De-oiling Machine, Cooling Machine, Seasoning Machine.

Equipment features:
1. Oil-water separation equipment: oil and water separation system can be separated from the evaporation of water oil cooling to reduce water cycle pollution and reduce oil consumption; oil temperature can be from 0 ---- 230 degrees can be arbitrarily set for frying all kinds Food, like peanuts, beans, tofu, chicken, chips, potato chips and so on.
2. The oil-removing machine adopts the frequency conversion velocity modulation, suits the oil content low and the oil rate high all products;
3. Oil filter system: the upper and lower tanks, two-chamber heating system, separate control heating, frying cycle when the filter oil, so that grease is always clean and reduce the waste of oil;
4. Seasoning machine: for food production in the process of seasoning. Automatic control of speed and material capacity for continuous production line seasoning work.

Technical Data

No. Name Quantity(set) Power
1 Continuous Fryer 1 2.25Kw
2 Oil filter 1 1.5Kw
3 Bottom Discharging Deoiling Machine 1 1.5Kw
4 Conveying and Lifting Machine 1 0.55Kw
5 Cooling Machine 1 8.6Kw
6 Seasoning Machine 1 2.25Kw



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