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Equipment For Making French Fries Detailed Introduction

equipment for making french fries
What kind of equipment can be used for making french fries? French Fries Making Equipment is large output equipment to produce frozen French fries, which enjoys advantages of high automation, simple operation and energy-saving. Frozen French fries can be kept longer than potato chips, and that is the reason why some noshery and restaurant like cafeteria, McDonald and KFC fry French fries to sell. This plant has become the most popular product both in domestic and abroad.
GELGOOG offer both small scale french fries machine and automatic french fries machine
 frozen french fries making machine
The complete set of automatic french fries equipment includes:
1. Potato Elevating Conveyor: Elevating conveyor machine is suitable for lifting material from low to high, mainly suitable for powder, granular and small pieces of material lifting continuously, can be widely used in potatoes, french fries, puffed, beans, nuts, banana chips lifting to designated spot.
2. Potato washing peeling machine: Peel brush cleaning machine is mainly composed of motor, gearbox, 9 group rollers, etc (can be customized according to actual production customer demand). There are 600 type, 800 type, 1000 type 1200 type, 1500 type, 1800 type, 2000 type, a variety of models. 
3. Potato picking line|Potato sorting line: The pick line use PVC food grade conveyor belt, safe and healthy, conform to the requirements of the food, plank is made of 304 high quality stainless steel, motor for speed regulation, conveyor speed is adjustable.
4. French fry cutting machine: This potato chips cutting machine is used to cut potato into strips and slices. The blade are made of stainless steel, very sharp, which can cut the potato chips very fast in good shape. All the parts contacting with the foods are made of stainless steel. And very easy to operate. First switch on the power, put the peeled clean potatoes into the feed continuously, then they will be cut into chips automatically.
5. Potato chips blanching machine: The qualified french fries directly into potato chips rinsing machine, through the bubble wave cleaning, the potato strips keep rotating, fully wash starch on the surface of the potato chips.
6. De-watering machine: Vibration drying machine is part of simple and efficient equipment in the food production line, absorbing the foreign advanced technology, combining a variety of new technologies.
7. Sorting and Conveyor:  The de-watered french fries will be conveyed to the drying machine.
8. Wind drying machine: This wind drying mchine all adopt high quality 304 stainless steel material, speed regulating motor, mesh belt width 800 mm, 12 set fans, 0.75 KW, each into the draught fan using dense hole filter system, height of fan is adjustable, adopts high quality stainless steel bearing. 
9. Continuous fryer machine: You can choose the fryer heating type as gas or electric. You can also exclude  the fryer machine if it's not necessary in your production process.
The complete set of frozen french fries equipment is with capacity 100kg/h, 150kg/h, 200kg/h, 300kg/h, etc. (for the finished french fries). GELGOOG offer after sales service, operation manual, free video.