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Product Introduction of the Automatic Fryer

Automatic fryer discription
Automatic fryer have oil-water mixing technology .it allows  the water below the oil layer to continuously generate a small amount of steam, and penetrates into the oil layer to replenish the frying oil, thereby inhibiting the oil from being volatilized. The middle heating process can control the temperature according to the needs, effectively alleviating the degree of peroxidation of the frying oil and inhibiting the acid. The price is generated, which prolongs the life cycle of the frying oil and reduces waste, saving more than 50% of oil than the traditional fryer. The equipment comes with a discharge system, which is driven by the motor. After the explosion is completed, it is automatically lifted and drained automatically after draining, which reduces the labor intensity of the workers and ensures the uniformity of the product's frying time. The equipment has a stirring rod to ensure the product. The uniformity of the frying prevents the products from sticking to each other by squeezing.
automatic fryer machine
Features of frying amchine:
1,The bottom scraping fryer structure saves oil and is beneficial to environmental protection. This product solves the problem that the residual residue in the traditional oil-water separation fryer product is not easy to be discharged during the frying process. It effectively alleviates the degree of peroxide oxidation and inhibits the production of acid value, thus prolonging the life cycle of the frying oil and reducing waste. It saves more than 50% of oil compared with the traditional oil-water separation fryer. Reduce the workload of changing water, and use it for products that are not sticky with residue.
2,The main body of the equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel, with electricity as heating energy, automatic discharging, automatic temperature control, optional automatic mixing function, so that the fried products are uniform, bright color, avoiding mutual adhesion between products; filtering function Extend the service life of the frying oil and extend the oil change interval.
3,Make the fried products look clean and beautiful, with good color, fragrance and taste, improve product quality, safety and health, and benefit people's health.
4,Uitable for small and medium-sized food processing enterprises, can be fried meat, fish, nuts, pasta, conditioning and so on.
5,According to the different products, choose automatic mixing, automatic feeding device.