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Dry Nuts Cutting Machine Sold to Tunisia

nuts cutting machine

Machine: Nuts Cutting Machine
Country of Origin: China
Sold to: Tunisia
Qty: 1

One customer ordered one unit of dry nuts cutting machine from GELGOOG Company. Customer requires machine for cutting dry nuts like almond, pistacho nuts, cutting into small pieces like 4 to 5mm diamensions.
This multi-purpose nuts cutting machine is mainly used to cut nuts into small particles, like peanut, almond, walnut, cashew nuts, pistacho nuts, pine nuts, etc. 
1. The properties to this machine are high production,equal size, low material consumption, low noise and no oil from the chopped peanuts.
2.Multifunctional machine,not can process peanuts but also can process beans almonds, 
walnut, hazelnut, chestnut and so on nuts.
3. The chopping blades cut the materials at certain speed, by adjusting the speed of conveyor, the materials would be chopped into different sizes.
4. The chopped particles are selected through the vibrating screen.
5. Equipped with vibration screen, can grade the chopped granules into different levels. And the size of the mesh screen is custom-made.
6. Chopped evenly, with little powder, no oil squeezed out.
nuts cutting machine