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Establishment of a Cassava Starch Factory

cassava starch factory
Wet cassava starch is produced by traditional cassava processors either as a direct product or as a by-product resulting from cassava processing into other products such as gari, fufu e.t.c.
There is high demand for cassava starch in Nigeria. It is widely used in industries such as: textile, pharmaceuticals, oil drilling, paper and packaging, gum and adhesives, chemical and household products manufacturing, battery, drinks and beverages, foods and so on.  The desire to conserve foreign exchange and reduce import dependency is the driving force for demand for cassava starch especially as regards its partial substitution for corn starch in user industries.  The demand for cassava starch in Nigeria is in excess of 350,000 tons per annum. The current domestic production capacity to meet the estimated demand for cassava starch is less than 20 per cent.

Establish a cassava starch factory:
The factory is supposed to be established in a tropical region where all basic industrial requirements such as water, power, transportation facilities and raw materials are available.
The factory is supposed to be supplied with modern equipment known to have the highest production efficiency. Together with the use of suitable cassava varieties, the industrial yield of starch extraction exceeds 24 percent. In this study, however, a moderate rate of extraction of 23 percent is used.
The factory is designed to operate continuously, three shifts per 24 hours, for 300 days per year. The total capacity is 24 tons per day or 7 200 tons per year of high-grade cassava starch with a moisture content of 10-12 percent.
Total fresh roofs required per year 31 300 tons
Total area required for cassava cultivation 3 100 acres ( 1 255 ha)
Power consumption per year 838 800 kWh ( 116.5 kWh per ton of starch)
Waler consumption per year 496 800 m3 (69 m3 per ton of starch)
Diesel oil for the trucks approx. 110 m3 (24 000 gal)
Fuel oil for steam generator approx. 320 m3 (70 000 gal)

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