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Automatic Noodles Making Machine

The working principle of Automatic noodles Making Machine is processing the dough through the surface of the roller relative rotation extrusion formed dough pieces, and then cutting into pieces. The shape of the noodles depends on the specifications of the cutters. All models can be equipped with cutters of different specifications, so a machine can be made into various specifications of noodles by changing different specifications.

Automatic noodle machine is a new type of noodles processing equipment, the machine is with high production efficiency, time-saving, easy operation, the finished noodles taste good. Medium-sized noodle machine is characterized by beautiful appearance, smooth surface, reasonable design, low noise, compact structure, user-friendly operation, safety and health, accurate and efficient transmission power, no vibration, superior performance and other characteristics, can be an ideal equipment in large and medium-sized enterprises.
automatic noodles making machine
Instructions of How to use Automatic Noodles Making Machine:
1. It should be carried out before using to confirm no abnormalities before normal work.
2. Before starting the machine, you should check the roll and noodles knives on the debris, clean up before turning on. The power must be switched off when wiping the machine. After each use should be promptly cleared area. Do not sharpen two rollers and noodle knives.
3. When entering the surface of the hand easily into the roll, the hand and the roller should be maintained at an appropriate distance. Operation can not use tools such as sticks to help into the face, or easily lead to personal injury and damage to the machine.
4. The oil filling point for each class of lubricating oil, select the gear oil or 20 machine oil can be. Bearing grease change once a year, use the machine grease.
5. Often check the ordinary V-belt tension and wear, and timely adjustment and replacement. When the machine is out of use for a long time, the two rolls and noodle knife should be coated with the right amount of oil rust.
When pressing the machine, it is forbidden to use the hands or other parts of the body near the cut surface and cut the knife (risk of injury). Pressure the use and custody of the machine must be responsible to the people, personal, special, exclusive management.
6. The use of personnel before induction, must be familiar with and learn the surface pressure machine performance, model, verify the work efficiency and the use of methods and the emergence of a variety of problems can be ruled out in time.
7. The operator must operate according to standard specifications, to put safety first, the operator must wear work clothes, wearing a work cap, lesbian must put the braids into the cap. The operator is strictly prohibited to wear loose-fitting clothing sleeves, wear tight cuff bunched clothing, long hair must wear a helmet to operate or close to the machine four, care equipment, regular maintenance, cleaning, to maximize the use of the product .
8. Make sure to turn off the switch on the pressure surface machine,and then disconnect the total power supply. Beware of electric shock, please consult your local electrician.