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Automatic Commercial Fresh Noodles Making Machine

The working principle of the noodle machine is to press the flour through the relative rotation of the surface roller to form a dough piece, and then cut the strip by the front cutting knife to form a noodle. The shape of the noodle depends on the specification of the cutting knife, and all the models are all Different sizes of cutting knives can be installed, so one machine can be made into different noodles by changing the different knives.
noodles making machine
Noodle machine performance characteristics:
1. Rotating gears, running smoothly, safe and reliable.
2. Adopt automatic picking system, high efficiency and good quality.
3. Automatic conveying, automatic section, automatic loading, one molding, saving labor.
4. Multiple sets of solid, brushed wire, uniform feeding, neat panels.
5. Reducer, sprocket chain rotates, low noise and long service life.
6. Safe to operate and easy to clean.