South African Customer Visiting For Automatic Noodles Making Machine

By:Sarah     Date:2019-02-18

Two customers from South Africa came to visit our company for automatic noodles making machine.Customers plan to start a small business for making fresh noodle and then export to other countries. This automatic noodles making machine can make different size of noodle through changing the cutting mold, and it is a stainless steel machine. 
instant noodle making machine
This automatic noodles making machine can also be put into noodle production line to use, which can connect with dry noodle line. Whole process can be finished automatically.As to the noodle molding knifes, we can customize the forming width of knifes according to customers’ exact demands; The knifes can be changed to get the noodles with different size easily when needed. Thickness of dough sheet is adjusted by the handwheel, running deviation shows inconformity between two roller gap, should be adjusted on both ends of the handwheel, make it even. Precision roller smooth roll gap related to the gap and thickness of dough sheet, which can be adjusted according to local needs. 
automatic noodles making machine

Spare Parts For Noodle Machine
---Noodle slitter set / slitter brass comb/ divider
---Roller for noodle machine/ scraper 
---Steaming net/ sus304/316 mesh net for steaming machine and drying machine
---Sus / carbon steel chain , chain gear 
---Frying noodle casing box,  food grade plastic drying casing box
---Soupping pallet ( sus 304/silicone)
---All kinds of  SUS products
---Heat exchanger
---frying casing box exchanger
--- Electrical components (famous brand avaiable)
Size Customized High Quality Round Noodle Slitter Factory Low Price 

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