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How to Start a New Business For Making Nut Sauce?

I often receive advisory about peanut|sesame|almond butter machine inquiries, They will ask:" i want to start-up my own small business for tahini butter product line. please recommend for me ".First, we are honored to received friends inquiry on our company, as food machinery manufacturers, we are more professional. then let me briefly describe, How to choose the right equipment?
First confirm how much production to produce, if your production at 40-100kg/h, then you only need 2-3 machines enough: 
1.Nut roaster machines 2.Nut grinding machine  3.Butter packaging machines.
nut paste grinder
Why need roaster machine?
Baked nuts with high oil content, fragrant, grinding the sauce delicate, good taste. then nuts cool, and pour the nuts into the special mill sauce machine, adjust fineness can be used in the sauce.
If you need a large production capacity of 200kg/h, 500kg/h or more, then you can choose to use a nut butter complete production line, nuts peeling - washing - conveyor belt - roaster - recooling - grinding sauce - cooling - filling etc.
nut butter making machine line