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Sudan Customer Visiting For French Fries Line

sudan french fries machinesudan french fries machine
Three customers from Sudan visited GELGOOG office. Several days ago, three customers from Sudan visited us for frech fries production line. Under the leadership of our sales person Miss Susan, customers visted our factory first for checking machines and today customer came to our office for further talking about some details and drafting a contract.
The customers own a factory and they plan to start a new business for making french fries. GELGOOG offers both semi-automatic and Automatic French Fries Line. This full automatic processing line is healthy and popular because of the original flavor and nutrition of fresh potatoes. Compared with semi-automatic french fries production line, automatic line will be more labor-saving and time-saving, which is more suitable for industrial processing large capacities, like 300kg/h, 500kg/h, 800kg/h and 1000kg/h, etc
Raw material standards: Fresh potatoes must be pure, regular oval shape, buds shallow, mature fresh: potato dry matter content ≥ 20%, reducing sugar ≤ 0.2%, diameter 50-70 mm, strict removal of germination, green, mildew potato.
Output ratio: The dry matter content of each potato is about 22%, raw potato and product output ratio is: Potato : Finshed Chips = 4: 1, Potato : French Fries = 3: 1
Production technology and quality requirements of the production and processing of various products are used in today's most advanced technology to ensure quality.
French fries specifications
Section size: generally (5-10) * (5-10) mm different specifications Length Size: 50-76mm ≮ 70
Sensory requirements
Color: the outer surface of a yellow or white (yellow raw material for the yellow)
Taste: fried and no other smell, there is a special flavor of French fries;
Morphology: strip neat, frozen state allows a slight freeze adhesion, a trace of ice crystals.
Moisture content: 60-70% Oil content: ≤ 8% Sodium pyrophosphate content: <1g / kg