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Process of Instant Noodle Plant

GELGOOG® Full Instant Noodle Plant  to reduce the number of machines and people contact, no manual design, eliminate security risks, reducing the labor intensity of workers. Compact structure, easy operation, strong power, low noise, high efficiency. 
Characteristics of fried instant noodle production line:
The thickness of finished instant noodles is adjustable, with smooth surface, well cooked, no sticky, constantly strip, and taste good. The finished instant noodle meets the national health standards, which is perfect for the hotel, restaurants, food processing plants, canteens and individual catering industry to produce the ideal food products.
The fried instant noodle production line is made of SUS304 stainless steel, chain drive, with adjustment function (cooking speed, water flow speed are adjustable) simple and safe operation, reduce labor costs, reduce labor intensity, greatly improving the production efficiency, more important Is to put an end to the production process of many factors due to human food quality accidents.

Video of Process of Full Instant Noodle Plant:

Instant noodle industry market analysis:
Instant noodle is suitable for the needs of modern life, loved by people of different ages. Instant noodles has become a mainstream product of the instrument, according to the statistics, the current annual sales of instant noodles in China fourteen bags, only one-third of Japan, South Korea's one-sixth, the huge potential for consumption. Instant noodle production line but instant noodles market competition is very intense, more than 90% market share for a small number of large enterprises occupied. Therefore, the relatively large number of small and medium enterprises, the development of new products, occupation of the blank market is the election.
Except traditional fried instant noodles, the showing up of instant rice noodles and non-fried instant noodles significantly changed the original convenience of the surface block of the poor taste of the problem, and non-fried food to break the situation of instant noodles dominate the world. Instant noodle production line in the health will become the theme of today, the market will be promising, some convenient rice noodle, instant noodle factory success is illustrated this point.