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Chowmein Noodles Production Line|Manual Noodles Machine

Noodle machine is also known as noodle pressing machine. It is made up of multiple sets of surface rollers. It is automatically formed by one-time forming, streamlined production, high degree of automation, simple operation and high efficiency.
noodles making machine
1.The equipment adopts reducer drive, stable operation, low noise and long service life.
2.The surface of the pressure roller is smooth, high in strength and durable. The pressure roller has the function of kneading surface, and no additional maturation is required when producing noodles.
3.The rotating parts are durable, flexible in operation and stable in performance.
4.The guard plate is made of stainless steel embossed panel, and the wood part of the face bucket is decorated with stainless steel plate, which is safe, hygienic and beautiful.
5.Strong power, not easy to damage.

The chinese noodles maker features:
1.With automatic cutting, automatic continuous grinding, automatic cutting, automatic section and automatic upper rod.
2.Noodle dough machine has: automatic cutting, automatic continuous rolling, automatic cutting, automatic section, automatic upper rod, automatic dusting, automatic folding and other functions.