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GELGOOG Helps Rural Revitalization

In 2022, GELGOOG and Luoyang Mengjin Shimen Village Cooperative will jointly establish an automated pomegranate juice production line with 1 ton/hour pomegranate processing through the "One Village One Product" project of the Mengjin District Immigration Bureau, and vigorously develop the soft seed pomegranate juice deep processing project. Promote agricultural income and help rural revitalization.
Shimen Village belongs to the resettlement village in the reservoir construction area of the Xiaolangdi Water Conservancy Project, and was relocated in 1994. In 2009, the villagers began to plant pomegranates with soft seeds. As a professional cooperative for pomegranate cultivation, Shimen Village Cooperative currently has more than 290 growers, and has accumulated more than 2,000 mu of soft-seed pomegranate, with an average yield of more than 1,000 kilograms per mu. The implementation of unified technical management, unified design and packaging, and unified external marketing have made soft-seed pomegranate a well-known fruit brand.
The Mengjin District Immigration Bureau actively carried out and implemented the "one village, one product" project, and after many investigations with the Shimen Village Cooperative, locked the pomegranate deep processing project. The project has advantages in raw materials and location, but requires professional cooperation for processing and equipment. Through the comparison of the strength and reputation of the food processing industry, the Mengjin District Immigration Bureau and the Shimen Village Cooperative unanimously chose GELGOOG.
Gelgoog has a professional team of engineers who are good at providing scientific, practical and customized food processing solutions for different types of customers. For the pomegranate deep processing project, GELGOOG has compared various processing techniques, and selected the automatic production of pomegranate juice with the cooperative in Shimen Village. The entire automated production line covers the whole process from pomegranate cleaning to pomegranate juice filtration and degassing. And conduct in-depth research and development on the core processes of pomegranate juice processing, such as peeling, juicing, and filtering, to effectively reduce the loss of pomegranate seeds during processing, improve the juice yield of pomegranates, and ensure the quality of pomegranate juice on the premise of reaching the production capacity. Realize the automatic production of pomegranate juice.
In fact, exclusive solutions are the key to the smooth running of food processing projects, but professional technical services are also essential. During the trial processing stage, GELGOOG sent professional technical engineers to Shimen Village many times to carry out equipment installation, commissioning and training, and personally participated in the monitoring of all production links, optimized the process and details, and ensured the smooth operation of the automated production line.
"Our soft-seed pomegranates are of good quality and have a large output. However, due to the problem of freshness preservation, there will be a certain loss during the harvest season. With the professional help of Haojile, we can improve the deep processing level of pomegranates while selling fresh pomegranates. More villagers embarked on the road to wealth."
——Head of Mengjin Shimen Village Cooperative
Today, Shimen Village is processing pomegranate juice and contacting wineries to solve the sales of pomegranate juice. The whole project has low investment, short cycle, quick results, and high benefits. Solved the employment problem of the village's surplus labor force.