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GELGOOG company public welfare activities

The end of the year is approaching, and warmth comes first. On January 17, the condolence team of GELGOOG Company went to Shimen Village, Mengjin, Luoyang to carry out visits and condolences to help rural revitalization before the Spring Festival, and sent them holiday greetings and New Year blessings, as well as condolence money and condolences.
At the Shimen Village Committee, A Jingbo, Deputy Director of the Immigrant Service Center of Mengjin District, Luoyang, and Jing Jin, Secretary of the Party Branch of Shimen Village, Mengjin, Luoyang, expressed their gratitude to GELGOOG for their strong support to Shimen Village. The GELGOOG condolence team had in-depth exchanges with the village cadres, and carefully understood the development, existing problems and actual needs of the village.
Afterward, the GELGOOG condolence team went to the homes of retired soldiers and old party members, inquired in detail about their family's production, life, health and other conditions, and sent condolences and New Year blessings.
GELGOOG public walfare activities
GELGOOG and Shimen Village became attached to each other in 2022. Through the "One Village, One Product" project of the Immigration Bureau of Mengjin District, Luoyang City, they jointly established an automated pomegranate juice production line for 1 ton/hour pomegranate processing. In November 2022, after GELGOOG cooperates with the equipment installation and commissioning and is officially put into production, it will also provide regular maintenance services. The entire project has low investment, short cycle, quick results, and high benefits, which greatly increases the added value of soft-seed pomegranates, solves the employment problem of surplus labor in the village, drives villagers to become rich, and helps rural revitalization.