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Bangladesh BCFP Company Praise

In March 2022, our company - BCFP's production line of chocolate blocks and coated chocolate beans imported from Gelgoog was officially put into production after its product engineer assisted in the installation and commissioning. Looking at the neatly arranged chocolate blocks and round and lovely chocolate beans being produced continuously from the production line, we really want to give a big hug to the account manager and product engineer of Gelgoog, and thank them for their professional services throughout the process.
Our company is located in Ghazipur, Bangladesh, established in 2005, the business involves the processing and sales of candy, chocolate, fruit juice, pastry, seasoning, and other snacks. As the current chocolate products are favored by more and more young people, the company decided to develop a chocolate block and coated chocolate bean processing business.
The company attaches great importance to the purchase of processing equipment this time and locks up a number of food processing suppliers for selection. The person in charge personally checks the details of the equipment, and the engineer is responsible for the technical review. Due to the complex processing technology of chocolate blocks and coated chocolate beans, the production line equipment includes ball mills, chocolate depositing machines, coating machines, packaging machines, etc. Price is not the main measure, we pay more attention to the supplier's equipment quality, delivery time, commissioning service and other strengths.
When contacting Gelgoog for the first time, the company had a good first impression of it. Account managers and product engineers are not only proficient in English, but also very familiar with processing technology, equipment parameters, and industry trends. The account manager asked about our factory and project preparation in detail, and showed the company's office environment and development history through videos. We also followed the camera into their R&D and production factories. The product engineer introduced the R&D, manufacturing and transportation of the equipment in detail, which made people feel full of sincerity.
Comprehensively comparing equipment, services and other factors, the person in charge and engineers of our company are very inclined to choose Gelgoog. Facing the large-volume procurement demand, Gelgoog gave the shortest delivery time, demonstrating its strong strength, and finally the two parties reached a cooperation agreement.
Gelgoog kept its promise, and the company received all the equipment within the agreed time limit. After video guidance, the company's engineers completed the installation and commissioning of the equipment for the chocolate block and coated chocolate bean production line. Gelgoog also promises to return visits regularly, which makes us more at ease. Gelgoog has high-quality personnel and the company has strength. If we have a need to expand production, just contact Gelgoog.