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Cambodian Company and GELGOOG Cooperate in Fruit Vegetable Processing Project

GELGOOG has specialized in food processing solutions, especially in fruit and vegetable processing solutions for over 11 years. Tropicam company from Cambodia ordered a fruit vegetable processing line with GELGOOG, processing operations such as sorting, cleaning, sterilization, drying dehydrating and vacuum packaging.

fruit vegetable cleaning plant
The background of the customer:
In Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, there is a client who operates two fruit and vegetable processing companies and a transportation company locally. The main business scope is to purchase fruits and vegetables across the country, and supply them to major hotels, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc, after cleaning, processing and packaging. The staple food of Phnom Penh is rice, and residents consume a lot of fruits and vegetables in their daily lives. Relying on the accumulation of business reputation over the years, the scale of the customer's fruit and vegetable processing business is getting bigger and bigger.
fruit vegetable processing plant
Due to the tropical climate in Phnom Penh, the daily weather is mainly hot and humid. Although the local products are rich, the climate is very unfavorable for the storage and transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables. Especially in the rainy season every year, the air is humid and the extreme temperature is close to 40 degrees Celsius. If the fruits and vegetables are purchased for more than 4 hours, a lot of waste will be caused.
What is a pain point in business?
Is there any way to completely solve the waste caused by untimely disposal? This is the first question the client asked when contacting a customer manager named Leo working in GELGOOG Company. According to the specific information such as the acquisition volume and workshop site introduced by the customer, GELGOOG designed an exclusive solution for the customer. Especially after seeing the cooperation case in Southeast Asia, the customer was moved. After modifying the design layout of the equipment in the factory and some details of the equipment connection, the cooperation intention was finally determined.
gelgoog food processing solution
Signed a contract with GELGOOG
In October 2021, Cambodian Tropicam Company successfully signed a contract with GELGOOG. According to the contract, GELGOOG provided Tropicam with a complete set of fruit and vegetable processing solutions, including a fruit and vegetable grading line with an annual output of 5,500 tons, a fruit and vegetable cleaning line with an annual output of 1,500 tons, a blanching line and a freezing line with annual output of 4,500 tons. The complese set of fruit vegetable processing solutions include fruit and vegetable sorting and selection system, cleaning system, cutting system, dehydration system and packaging system etc.
fruit vegetable processing line
Installation and commissioning
In December 2021, GELGOOG sent professional installation engineers to Phnom Penh to install and debug the fruit vegetable production line. So far, the customized fruit and vegetable processing solution has been successfully implemented. According to the customer's estimate, after the project is officially put into production, the annual efficiency will be increased by 60%, and the loss will be reduced by 300 tons.
GELGOOG is willing to work with users to tap the inherent potential of intelligent pre-processing of fruits and vegetables, reasonably create a new generation of green and healthy vegetables, and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of the food industry.