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French Fries in the World - How Do You Enjoy it?

Speaking of eating french fries, most people will think of tomato sauce or ketchup. There are different ways for enjoying french fries in different countries. Wondering how do people eat french fries in different countries?
1. French fries in Vietnam.
Vietnamese like to eat french fries as sweets. They may use butter and white sugar.
french fries in vietnam
2. French fries in Canada.
People from Canada like to use cheese and gravy for french fries.
french fries in Canada
3. French fries in US.
People in the United States like to use cheese, chilil and scallions. That's some body count!
french fries in US
4.French fries in Kenya
In Kenya, people like to use various sauces to dip french fries, such as tomoato sauce, garlic paste, cumin, tumeric, tandoori masala, chili powder.
french fries in Kenya
5. French fries in Peru.
In Peru, people like to add: Mustard, mayonnaise, tomato sauce, hot dogs, etc
french fries in Peru
6. French fries in the Netherlands.
In the Netherlands, people like to use peanut butter, onions and mayonnaise.
french fries in Netherlands
7. French fries in the Germany.
In Germany, people like to use salt, pepper, bacon and onions.
french fries in Germany

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