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Automatic Potato Chips Frying Line|Potato Chips Frying Line|Fried Potato Chips Line

Automatic  potato chips frying equipment details:
1.Equipment material: 304 food grade stainless steel production
2.Energy application range: electric heating tube electromagnetic heating gas heating
3.Available energy: electricity, natural gas, diesel, thermal oil furnace
4.The whole set of equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is fully automatic production and requires no special operation.
5.The pre-cleaning and de-mudging process can be added in front of the whole set of equipment, and the drum cleaning can be added before the blanching to improve the quality of the product.
potato chips making machine
Features of Fried potato chips line :
1.The whole process oil temperature automatic control, the temperature can be set freely from 0-300 degrees, suitable for frying foods of various process requirements.
2.The water supply valve is located in the lower part of the oil layer, any time you can add water, will not affect the frying work, and has a check valve, soIt solves the problem of stopping the oil and pouring the oil back into the water pipe during the watering process.
3.The lower part of the water is equipped with a temperature measuring device, the water temperature display is clear at a glance, and the water temperature can also be set, compared with the measured water temperature, higher thanCooling measures can be taken when setting the temperature. Prevent the occurrence of water boiling in advance. (Special varieties also have automatic cooling function)
4.The oil-water separation surface is provided with an observation glass tube and a drain valve detection device. The water line can be more accurate.
5.Using internationally common oil-water mixing process design,
6.With the frying equipment, the food residue generated during the frying process can be sedimented into the lower funnel through the filtration of water and discharged through the sewage outlet, thus achieving the function of filtering oil and not wasting oil.
7.Advanced heating system with high efficiency. The oil pool adopts thermal insulation technology, which not only saves energy but also improves work efficiency.
8.Double-layer mesh belt, to avoid product floating, so that food is more evenly fried.
9.The mesh belt is automatically lifted, easy to clean, greatly improve the work efficiency, reduce the labor intensity, and clean.