Product Features Maintenance of Nut Roasting Machine

By:Katherine     Date:2017-03-17

nut roasting machineProduct Features of Multi-purpose Nut Roasting Machine. This nut roasting machine can be used to process peanut, sesame, almond, cashew nut, chestnut, pinenut, sunflower seed, etc
1. Environmental protection: Using imported far infrared heating tube, life expectancy of up to 3-5 years, efficient and durable, the operating environment of carbon emissions to zero.
2. Low consumption: Double drum design, to ensure uniform baking materials to protect the heat does not spread out, thermal efficiency of up to 95% or more, than the traditional baking equipment more than 45% energy saving.
3. High efficient: the use of multi-gear independent heating, boot 15 minutes to reach 200 ℃.
4. Delicate design: All parts of this nut roasting machine is with 304 industrial stainless steel, independent far infrared heat conduction heating layer, insulation double zone insulation design, Adoption of international electrical safety standards ---- beautiful and durable, direct washing, high temperature sterilization, rapid drying, 100% to ensure that the baking product health and safety, in line with GMP standards to help enterprises successfully passed QS acceptance.
5. High precision: Imports far infrared heating temperature controller, temperature control accuracy, low operating requirements, in the baking operation temperature control accuracy of up to ± 2%, to ensure that the quality of each batch of baking goods, color consistent, automatic baking. According to the processing needs, temperature controller set the maximum temperature up to 300 ℃.
6. Intelligent: User-friendly design, intelligent control, eliminating the traditional baking equipment, fire control, the concept of complex technical steps, a key automatic roasted seeds and nuts.
7. Advanced configuration: The whole copper core high-quality motor and cycloid reducer system, equipped with low noise transmission chain, low consumption maintenance-free, reduce the cost of wearing parts; integrated visual temperature control system, multi-gear conversion heating, Material dry and wet state, flexible and convenient operation. Unique temperature automatic alarm and centrifugal ventilation dehumidifier, you can precisely control the degree of baking materials, energy efficient.nut roasting
Usage and Maintenance of this nut roasting machine:
1, Before the injection of the oil on the oil injection, check once a week whether the lack of oil, oil should be added oil.
2, Each class shut down when the air switch, such as long-term do not, in the shutdown will be the pot of raw materials all clean up.
3, Long-term do not use, re-use when the first open machine 10 to 15 minutes, the original debris removed, and the barrel of oil after drying and heating.
4, Open the drive motor rotation machine bfore heating, turn off the thermometer, the machine also need to turn 20 to 30 minutes before stopping.

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