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The Equipment For Smoking Fish

fish smoking oven
The main features of Fish Smoking Oven:
● The smoke furnace using Windows interface, vivid visual display equipment status, they can always adjust the time, temperature, humidity, ventilation and other state parameters in the size of the operation, the operation is very simple
● The machine has steam heating (cooking), dried baking (hot air), smoke, exhaust and cleaning functions. A critical component is the steam pipes, heat exchangers and outlet piping components improve the circulatory system, and the mixed gas fumes inside the hot gas circulation fans in the role of the two groups, the formation of a vortex region, the mixed gas at an appropriate speed and smooth evenly by hanging smoked meat box to curing and sterilization.
● Aerosol generating device uses wood pellets smoke generator, fuming stable, color fast, and into the box in the smoke are clean.
● Steam heating, steam pressure 0.3 ~ 0.6Mpa, general users boiler can be applied.
● Using double stainless steel structure, thick sandwich filled with insulation materials, reduce energy consumption.
● The process parameters (time, temperature, etc.) by the display, control, to ensure accuracy.
● Halfway completed or machine failure, with automatic alarm function.
● Internal product temperature, the furnace temperature are indicated. In shutdown condition, the furnace temperature can be displayed
● Configuring the high-pressure pipeline pump for cleaning plate and pipe smoke in the dirt, equipped with a variety of angles in the coil and flue.
Structure Introduction of smoking oven: The machine is mainly from the furnace, the heating system, air circulation system, and electric control system components.
1, Furnace: furnace internal member and the outer wall are all made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant. The article hanging on the trailer, into the furnace body, shut the door, you can press to set the cooking process parameters, such as processing.
2. Cooking part: furnace internal design automatically generated steam system for direct heating furnace products. Steam production can be adjusted depending on the product. Cabinets pressure must not exceed 0. 08Mpa.
3, The circulating air system: the top of the furnace is equipped with two-speed electric smoke fan, and the amount of wind power to heat up the furnace to ensure that uniform temperature throughout, ensure stable and reliable quality products.
4, Fuming system: the upper part of sawdust box by the reducer drive stirring mechanism, send sawdust periodically with the lower fuming hob electric heater by the ignition button electronic control box on the control, sawdust heated slowly burning fuming, was host to the suction blower smoked cooked food.
5, The electrical control system
Automatic smoke oven electric control part adopts advanced man-machine interface and the programmable logic controller, automatic control and monitor various processes. Reliable and easy to operate, waterproof performance. Through man-machine interface, you can always understand each processing step, and the time display can be set and actual values ​​for various programming. Values ​​displayed include relative humidity (%), the inside temperature (℃), the processing time (minutes), procedures and procedural steps, an error message.