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The Development of Frozen Fries

We all know that a lot of people call potato fries is "Chips" in English, and "French Fries" in American English, in fact, its true origin is Belgium. As early as 1680, when the Belgians began the production of such chips [1]. In the First World War, when American soldiers in Belgium fries eat this, I feel particularly delicious, and thus become popular. But they take it for granted called "French", because it was the common language in the Belgian army is in French, they thought it was "French fries" .
The most delicious fries must focus outside and tender inside - the cut potatoes into just the right temperature of hot oil frying for a moment, you can get this delicious combination. But this process is how the magic happened - food scientists can find a way to improve French fries taste it?
potato finger chips machine
Fried was a lot of people called "an extremely violent way of cooking." This description is apt. In an instant with hot oil contact surface moisture fries or other ingredients will be immediately vaporized, ejecting a similar volcanic eruption flow, resulting in hot oil splashing. French fries because of surface drying becomes crisp. In the fries inside, but temperatures will rise sharply, there is no time by surface evaporation of water vapor will be trapped inside, steamed potatoes, fluffy achieve taste, and crisp crust complement each other.
A lot of food in the frying process, the reason will be broken, is derived from the vaporization process, including onion rings, fish, corn, hot dogs, Oreo, Mars bars, and so on, the list goes on. Crisp skin must be formed at the moment, otherwise water vapor will continue to bleed, will not only soften the skin, but also lead to internal fries become hard and dry. Meanwhile, heat the oil will penetrate where food color so thick, greasy unbearable.

How long does it take in frying frozen french fries?
When frying French fries, the oil can not be too hot, too hot and easy to fries fried paste; oil can not be too warm, easy fried hard. KFC fried fries, shipped from the distribution center when the semi-finished products, is already almost cooked, but it needs to put the refrigerator compartment, filled bags with paper bags, and every time you need, when fried, pour into the fried fry basket pot, automatic set button once time is 2 minutes and 45 seconds, 2 minutes and 15 when the needs of the fryer will call to remind you to shake the basket, so fried fries will not stick together, time to pour fries insulation slot, sprinkle with salt, black with a twist child pick out a time to 7 minutes scrapped.