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Start Business For Making Peanut Brittle Bar

nutrition facts of peanut brittle barPeanut brittle/candy is the perfect combination of our famous, old-fashioned, crunchy peanut brittle and rich, creamy milk chocolate.
The perfect snack and party treat.
peanut brittle bar
The processing method of making peanut brittle/candy:
The first step for making peanut brittle is to cook sugar, usually 500grams sugar combined with 125grams water. First with the fire melted sugar, then stir fry a small fire, the key is to master the heat, to make golden brown syrup. Golden sugar water, is to protect the taste of peanut candy.
After finishing the cooked sugar, stir peanuts into the pot, integreting peanuts with sugar. After the pan to hot stereotypes, sliced. Peanut candy entire production process only about twenty minutes. Such handmade peanut candy, entrance crisp, sweet taste, most Nanning old favorite.
Development History:
After countless years, until the beginning of the last century, peanut candy has been in a single species, a single production process, until the creation of the Book of Rites Bakery, we will further expand and develop peanut candy, after nearly a baptism century, has become Rites Bakery Shop from Aberdeen today famous century-old peanut candy from a single product into the present more than 20 kinds of varieties, hundreds of production methods, hundreds of different flavors of peanut candy, peanut candy category in which sugar is the most representative one, is like eating peanut candy beauty ladies exempted because sugary and fattening concern for diabetes are exempt the eating polysaccharide leaving sicker to worry about. Book Bakery production of "Macao characteristic peanut candy" With the traditional manual process, ancient secret, and now advanced production technology, production of peanut candy countries and regions has become the mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Europe and other prestigious Featured products.
peanut brittle bar
Start your own business for making peanut brittle bar. GELGOOG offers highly Automatic Peanut Brittle Production Line.
The total line consists of :peanut roaster, peanut peeling machine, sugar cooking machine, mixing machine, packing machine,etc,with capacity range from 200kg/h to 500kg/h,etc