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Automatic Ice Cream Cones Making Machine GGF60

ice cream cones making machine
Automatic ice cream cones making machine GGF60 is with capacity 2500-3000pcs/h, power 23KW, size 2700*2400*2400mm, weight 1000kg. It is with small investment, high ROI, very popular in many countries like UAE, Thailand, USA, Canada, etc.
The complete set of automatic ice cream cones making machine is with high quality stainless steel. Taking cream, powdered sugar, egg, and low-gluten flour as raw materials. How to use this automatic ice cream egg tray making machine? 
Firstly, heating the cream to dissolve at low temperature, then add the sugar powder mix well, breaking egg into the mix of powdered sugar and then add the egg whisk evenly, and finally add low-gluten flour stir to no powder to make  the egg tray puree.
Secondly, start this machine, after it is heated, pour into the puree to bake 2-5minutes. This machine will automatically heating, forming, baking. The shape and size of the finished egg tray can be customized as customer's requirement. This machine can work continously to make 2500 to 3500 pieces of the finished cones at one hour.
One die-unit can bake and produce only one type of cone/cup. The upper and lower moulds are interchangeable. In two/three hours you can change the entire die-unit and start to produce with another type of cone. It can be easily operated by any unskilled operators by performing a few simple tasks.