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Prawn Cracker Machine in Netherlands

shrimp cracker machine

Machine: Shrimp or Prawn Cracker Machine
Quantity: 3 Sets 
Certificate: CE
Destination Port: FREMANTLE port 
Place: Netherlands

Prawn Cracker Machine is manufactured by Gelgoog company to make prawn cracker or shrimp chips. Customer from the Netherlands inquiried about our prawn cracker machine on two weeks ago and then came to visit our office and factory. After agreed upon by the clients, the formal contract and agreement were signed. Today we have packed all productsa and arranged the shipping.

Whole set of shrimp cracker machine is composed of mixer, extruder, shaping machine and cutting machine,which can make different sizes of shrimp chips.
Shrimp chips processing process:  Material selection → Cleaning → Peeled and sliced → Washing (color protection) → Boiling → Drying → Plastic products.
Tips: Dried shrimp crackers increased at least 2-3 times the volume after the previous bombing. The ingredients added sugar and other carbohydrates, which ensures that the shrimp crackers won't be burnt when frying temperature no higher than 150 ℃.