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Malaysia Customer Feedback About French Fries De-oil Machine

On July 16th, 2020,Gelgoog Company received a feedback from Malaysian customers regarding the de-oil machine and were very satisfied,Malaysian customer says he is very satisfied with the effect of using the deoiler in the factory.
de-oil machine
Advantege Of This French Fries De-oil Machine :
1: This french fries de-oil machine is made of food-grade SUS304 stainless steel, which has the advantages of small size, low consumption, easy operation, and time and labor saving.
2: De-water or deoiling time can be set according to raw materials to meet different needs.
3: The operation is stable, without shaking, safe for the operator, and less damage to the machine itself
4: The degreaser can be equipped with a speed controller to adjust the speed of the drum according to your needs.