How To Choose The Right Fruit Vegetable Washer?

By:Katherine     Date:2020-07-06

How to choose the right fruit vegetable washing machine?
fruit washing machine
We have two different models of fruit and vegetable cleaning machines:bubble type fruit vegetable washing machine and brush type washing machine.
1.The bubble type fruit washing machine is suitable for cleaning fruits and leafy vegetables,like : cabbage, spinach, lettuce, pepper, chives, muscroroccoli, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples, pears, begonia rootstock, fish, shrimp, etc.
2.Brush cleaning machine is suitable for hard vegetables, like  potato, carrot, sweet potato, cassava, taro, yam, ginger, white radish, apple, peach, etc.
Today mainly introduces the bubble fruit vegetable washing machine .
1. Made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel, in line with national food safety standards.
2. This bubble type fruit vegetable washing machine use bubble rolling, brushing and spraying techniques to clean the objects to the greatest extent.
3.The washing speed adjustable, and the user can set differently according to the material,full automation, suitable for enterprises of various processing scales.
4. High-pressure air bubbles and water spray at the end of the machine, which can wash away dirt, sand and other residues.
5. Continuous water supply for spraying and high-pressure treatment. And the water supply can be adjusted.
6. There are many gas regulators that can regulate the amount of gas supplied.
7. Equipped with filter and filter water tank, can separate residue, hair and other debris.

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