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Coated Peanut Machine in Line

There are many ways to make coated peanuts. The complete coated peanut machine line can be included peanut roasting machine, peanut peeling machine, peanut coating machine, coated peanut frying machine and packaging machine. While the most import machines are peanut coating machine and coated peanut frying machine.
The peanut coating machine provides the coating of peanut in different flavors The first spraying gun sprays liquid syrup and then followed by the spraying flavored substance. This flavored substance can be liquid of powdered and controlled by PLC. The process is repeated Several times and the coated peanut is ready.
peanut coating machine
Coated peanut frying machine is multi-purpose for frying various kinds of seeds, nuts, beans, etc. It can adopt the updated frying method: oil-water mixed frying. This method need inject water first and then oil, the proportion of the water and oil must be suitable. This method can length the period of changing the oil, and save the oil consumption.
coated peanut fryer machine
coated peanut machine