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Peeling Pommegranets Machine For Sale

Peeling Pommegranets Machine
Peeling Pommegranets Machine is mainly used to separate and peel the Pommegranates, to seperate the peel and the pommegranate seeds. Then, the seeds can be used to make the juice, beverage,etc.
If you want to get intact pomegranate seeds, About our this model machine, I have to tell there will be 25% breakage rate. But, if you want to make juice, beverage, this machine is the most suitable and have high separate efficiency. 
The working principle of Peeling Pommegranets Machine is that the pomegranate from the hopper into the crushing plant, after crushing roller relative extrusion and roller blades on the pressure, cut overall pomegranate crowded broken into several small pieces;Crushing plant broken roller for stainless steel, two roller clearance adjustable to 20-30 mm;
And then into the crushing plant, on the second broken, broken roller for non-toxic high elastic rubber manufacture, under the pomegranate seed damage is less, the gap between two sticks can be adjusted 10-20 mm;
After two stage crushing, has been basically skin seed separation of pomegranate, falling into a no separation of variable frequency speed regulating device (separation axis and sieve combinations),
The whole team reducer and part of the transmission parts are all made of high quality stainless steel materials.