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Chicken Feet Processing Equipment

The complete chicken feet processing line can be consisted of chicken feet blanching machine, peeling machine,cutter,rinsing, pre-cooking, seasoning machine, and vacuum packing machine.
1. Peeling part:
Chicken feet peeling machine is easy to operate, high yield, stainless steel production, this device can be chicken feet and chicken nails off very clean, will not damage chicken feet.
2. Cutting part:
Chicken feet cutting machine using knife die cutting, accuratly cutting without adhesion. This machine is with small noise, the transmission accuracy without error.
3. Seasoning part:
This chicken feet seasoning equipment is fully automatic equipment, easy to operate, high yield, spices evenly, made of stainless steel, seasoning tube length, diameter can be customized according to customer needs. Used alone, with the production line can be used. This machine is currently the most advanced food seasoning equipment, which can be used to process chips, pellets, french fries, snacks and namkeen, etc.
4. Packaging part:
Chicken feet packaging machine is a kind of vacuum packing machine, which completes vacuuming, casing, and sealing in one single operation. It is used for packing foods, vegetables, medicine, special dried or preserved foods, aquatic products, electrical units etc, to keep the taste of foods fresh and dry.