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Sweet Potato Starch Factory Plant

Sweet potato starch plant is advanced cyclone refined production process, instead of traditional starch production process, the new technology is with advantages of energy efficient, no foam process, and the extraction rate is high effect. Generally, the production process of sweet potato starch can be divided into Cleaning Process, Grinding Process, Screening Process, Washing Process, Dehydrating Process, Drying Process and Packaging Process.sweet potato starch machine

1 Cleaning process and equipment
Sweet potato through the hydraulic transport to the workshop, to go to stone, mud and a series of cleaning work to avoid affecting the normal operation of the processing section of equipment, affecting product quality and safety in production. In the cleaning process to reduce the damage of potatoes, starch to avoid unnecessary loss. I plant using the Dutch technology developed with our technical characteristics of the stone machine, washing machine can be efficient, low-cost to complete the process requirements.
2 Grinding processing
The rasp is a key equipment in potato starch processing equipment, which is mainly used for grinding potatoes. In the absorption of foreign advanced technology on the basis of China's national conditions, developed a series of filing machine. The equipment has the characteristics of high power, high speed, quick change of saw blade, uniform grinding of material, high rate of starch, high of 95% and so on. It has novel appearance and compact structure.
3 Screening process and equipment
Potato starch processing process of potato residue washing, separation and dehydration generally use multi-stage countercurrent centrifugal sieve. The equipment can be more than one and use, with a large amount of processing, power is small, stable operation of the equipment, high rate of potato residue, easy to install and so on. Can achieve the water pressure, washing time, washing the amount of automatic control, in the practical application has made a very good washing effect.
4 Washing process and equipment
The washing and concentration of starch is carried out by means of a starch cyclone, which is divided into concentrated cyclone and washing and purifying cyclone. After sieving the starch slurry after the first through the concentrated cyclone, the bottom into the washing and refining cyclone, and finally to product quality requirements. The equipment is equipped with a full set of automatic control system, the use of high-quality cyclone and the optimal drainage program, can make the final cyclone excluded starch milk concentration of 23Be ', is the ideal choice for starch washing equipment.
5 Starch dehydration
Vacuum suction filter. The device also has a washing effect while dehydrating the starch. And has advanced structure, low energy consumption, good dehydration effect, easy installation and operation, smooth operation and so on. Can automatically feed, automatic dehydration, automatic cleaning, is currently the most ideal starch dehydration equipment.
6 Starch Dring Process
The negative pressure air dryer is a hot air stream flowing at high speed to allow the wet starch to be suspended and dried during the flow of air. With high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area, drying time is short and so on.
7 Starch Cooling and Packaging
After the starch is dried, the temperature is high. To ensure the viscosity of the starch, it is necessary to cool the starch rapidly after drying. I plant with cold air system, the device has low energy consumption, cooling effect is good, smooth operation, the large amount of processing and so on. After cooling the starch into the finished sieve, in order to ensure product fineness, yield under the premise of the last one into the packaging process.