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Automatic Ice Cream Cone Machine

cone machine

Bowl shape or cup shape ice cream cone making machine is automatic for making crisp bowl shape ice cream cup, waffle cone bowls shape ice cream cup cones size can be customer-made.
We provide different capacities from 1500-4500pieces for one hour. 

Many people enjoy bowl shape waffle cones because it allows them to eat the bowl once the ice cream is finished. Other novelty cones may be available, such as those shaped like a pig trough. Actaully, there are many different types of ice cream cones on the market. Some are baked into cone or cup shapes while others are rolled into cone shapes. Before the cone shape was used to hold ice cream, it was associated with much fancier desserts. In the 18th century, cone-shaped pastries called coronets, or little horns, were filled with fruit creams and ice creams to serve at dinner parties. Waffle coronets and flavored whipping creams were added later. An Italian man was thought to have started selling ice cream in cones in Manchester, England, in the mid-1800s. They became known as Hokey Pokeys and made the former fancy type of coronet into an inexpensive version that could be sold on the street to passers-by.
Making ice cream cones at home is very easy. It’s quite fun if you have an electric waffle-cone maker. GELGOOG offers you different kinds of cone baking machine for making different types of ice cream cones.