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How Much is A French Fries Machine Cost?

GELGOOG manufactures frozen french fries machine all in one. The total production line can be divided into Automatic French Fries Line and Semi-automatic French Fries Line

Automatic French Fries Machine:
automatic french fries machine

For Automatic french fries machine, all the machines are made of Stainless Steel 304.  All bearings are stainless steel bearings, electric are made of Chint Brand or Schneider Brand.
For this potato chips product line, it will need about 200 square meters to hold. It required the length of factory plant will not less than 58meters, the width will no less than 3m, and the height is not less than 3m. This potato chips product line is automatic from feeding to discharge. It will save labor and realize the automatic.

Semi-automatic French Fries Machine:
semi-automatic french fries machine

Semi-automatic french fries machine is mainly used to make potato chips with fresh potato. the thickness of slice and potato chips is adjustable. All machines are made of Stainless Steel. with motor of 380V, 50HZ Three-phase.

Business suggestions for Frozen French Fries production
☆ Choose the raw materials—potatoes.
☆ Purchase a series potato chips machines or plants that suits to your production requirements.
☆ Survey the French fries consumer market, expend the French fries distribution chain, and form your own circulation market.
☆ Need for initial high investment.
☆ For long-term running, you’d better to create your brand Name to enlargement popularity.

For the cost of both automatic french fries machine and semi-automatic french fries machine, please contact GELGOOG at email: or Skype: ggjxmachine, or send message directy on our webiste.