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Cube Sugar Machine Sold to Moldova

cube sugar machine
Cube sugar production,taking crystal size of the refined sugar as raw material, and a small amount of refined sugar concentration solution (or knot water) mixed into a moisture content of 1.5 to 2.5% of the wet sugar, and then into a semi-block machine, Drier to 0.5% moisture content below, and then packaging after cooling.
The full set of Cube Sugar Machinery consists of sugar grinding machine, mixed spiral feeding machine, sugar making machine, tablet linkage conveyor, drying tunnel, cooling machine and semi-automatic sugar carton packing machine. 
Customer from Moldova owns a factory for making sugar and sugary food, so he ordered a set of cube sugar machinery from our company, for extending his business.
The 1970s, the Swedish sugar company successfully developed a new manufacturing method of sugar vibration molding, also known as ssa or vibro method. It uses modern consolidation technology, with high-frequency vibration of the grain consolidation of sugar into a uniform and solid box. The sugar obtained by this method has better gloss (because the surface of the grain will not be crushed), intergranular pores uniform, higher porosity, faster dissolution. This machine is similar to the belt conveyor, continuous cycle operation. It is equipped with 250 surface-coated polytetrafluoroethylene strip molds made of special alloys, each with 18 square holes. The use of electric vibrator to produce horizontal high-frequency vibration, to promote the wet sugar into a small box, and gathered together and stick into the box. The vertical vibrations and mold elevations produced by the other vibrator are then used to unload the sugar in the mold onto the conveyor belt. After unloading these molds, after jet hot water washing and hot air drying, and then feeding. This method is more suitable for large-scale production. Discharged from the molding machine, the sugar level is discharged on a continuous conveyor belt and enters the dryer. First infrared or microwave irradiation, it will quickly and evenly heated, and then hot air drying, after 5 to 10 minutes,then cooling it with clean air, and then transported to the packaging room. The sugar of the package to use a special automatic packaging machine, the first conveyor belt of sugar in accordance with the requirements of the packaging (boxes of sugar on each side of the number of pieces such as 25), with automatic vacuum suction them together. The flat on top of the wrapping paper to become a layer, to the required number of layers, the wrapping paper will automatically folded, closed, as a box of products. The packaging process without manual contact with the product to protect the side of the high quality and angular sugar integrity, and packaging speed.