Coated Peanuts Machine Sold to Surinam


One customer from Surinam ordered two units of coated peanuts machine from GELGOOG Company. Customer owned a small factory to manufature coated peanuts and sell to supermarket. After talking with our sales person, customer ordered two units machines with capacity 5kilograms per batch. He also plans to order a coated peanuts frying machine.
peanut coating machine
Coated peanuts machine is a special equipment which is used to coat the flour or sugar and to shape. The coated peanuts are round and smooth; It also can process almonds, cashews, soybeans and so on. This equipment has been up to the export processing standard. This coated peanuts machine is with simple structure, easy to operate, mainly used to process coated peanut or flavored peanuts like salty peanuts, caramelized peanuts, sugar peanuts, also can be used to process other kinds of nuts, like walnut, almond, cashew nuts, even tablet, etc. 
coated peanuts machine

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