Commerecial Vegetables Cutting Machine Price|Carrot Cutter Machine

Material: carrot,scallion,leek,celery,etc

Capacity: 300-600kg/h

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This vegetables cutting machine can cut the long green onion, garlilc, chives, celery, cabbage, fish, hard bean curd, spinage, banana, melon etc. If use the other type blade, it can cut the root vegetables, like bamboo shoots, carrot, radish

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Descriptions of leaf chopper machine:
1.This vegetable dicer can cut leaf vegetable like scallion,leek,celery,chinese canbbage and spinage etc,into segment.
2.Vegetable dicer machine can cut root vegetable like bamboo shoot,potato,garlic and melon etc into slicer,strip or cube.
3.Vegetable chopper machine can also cut meat,such as barbecued pork,pig head pork etc.
vegetables cutting machine
Vegetables cutting machine repair and maintenance
1. Keep the blade clean and check the blade status regularly and add lubricant to the rotating parts.
2. Regularly clean the machine station to remove debris from the performance
3. Regularly add lubricant to the rotating, gear and chain components.

Model GGCP312
Machine Size(mm) 600*500*900
Power(KW) 0.75
Capacity(KG/H) 300-600
Weight(KG) 70
Cutting Shape Slice,Strip,Cube


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