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Tunnel Type Fruit Drying Machine|Vegetables Dehydration Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:can be customized
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The Tunnel Type fruit  dryer machine can achieve continuous production and improved drying speed of the equipment. The fruit vegetables drying machine have the advantage of Fast, low energy consumption, no pollution and good quality of dry products.This machine is widely used for dehydration and drying of vegetables and fruit
fruit drying machine
This Tunnel Type fruit  and vegetables drying machine is widely used for dehydration and drying of  vegetables and fruit :
Fruit:plum,apple, jack fruit, mango, apricot, pear,banana  chips,papaya,grapes,peach,fig,...etc
banana chips drying machine
Vegetables : onions, chives, lettuce, bitter gourd, carrots, white radish, Bamboo shoots, kale ,...etc.
vegetables dehydration machine
The Feature of the Fruit And  Vegetables Dryer Machine
1. High quality of the finished product: The product has good color and high quality in the high temperature environment period; CFD fluid simulation is adopted in the design of the whole machine to help improve the direction of the air duct, improve the heat exchange rate, and the evaporation efficiency is high.
2. Intelligent control: Drying area, temperature, mesh belt running speed can be adjusted, frequency conversion speed regulation, more stable operation and more accurate speed, to meet the characteristics and quality requirements of vegetables.
3.Wide range of use: can dry a variety of materials, multi-purpose one machine, enrich product types, reduce investment costs;
4.Uniform drying: The multi-layer mesh belt is deaign and it can be turned over automatically and repeatedly. The drying is even and the finished product has good taste.
5. Pure hot air drying to ensure the production of green food.
6.The machine is equipped with preheating zone, constant temperature zone, cooling zone and other areas. The temperature range is 50-300 ℃ and 50-400 ℃.

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