Palm Date Washing Machine Price|Hot Sale Date Palm Washing Machine

Material: date palm

Capacity: 800-1800kg/h

Loading Port: Qingdao port


Automatic Date Palm Cleaning Washing Machine main used to wash palm date,customized cleaning function based on brush hardness, with the capacity of 800-1800kg/h.

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Automatic Date Palm Cleaning Washing Machine  main used to wash palm date,customized cleaning function based on brush hardness,with the capacity of 800-1800kg/h.Gelgoog company  specialized in researching and producing fruit and vegetable processling line which is including fruit and vegetable washing machine, peeling machine,slicing machine,chopping machine,sorting machine, mixing machine etc.
date palm washing machine
Advantages of Stainless Steel palm date Washing Machine:
1.The palm date washing machine has a beautiful appearance and easy to operate, large cleaning and peeling volume, high efficiency, low energy consumption, continuous cleaning, simple operation, long service life
2.Brush roll material through a special process (rolling from nylon cord), durable, good wear resistance.
3.The palm date washing machine body is made of high quality stainless steel, no rust, very clean. Can be customized according to customer requirements.
Model Power Dimension Weight Capacity
GG-800 1.1kw/380v 1600x730x840mm 220kg 800kg/h
GG-1200 1.5kw/380v 2120x840x900mm 300kg 1200kg/h
GG-1500 2.2kw/380v 2400x840x900mm 380kg 1500kg/h
GG-1800 3kw/380v 2550x840x900mm 400kg 1800kg/h

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