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Hemp Seed Dehulling and Oil Press Machine|Cannabis Oil Making Line

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:Can be customized
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Cannabis Oil Making Line|Hemp seed oil processing line is consisted of vibratory sieve, hemp seed dehulling machine and automatic hemp seed oil press machine.
For vibratory sieve(Screening machine), GELGOOG offer 3 decks, 4 decks, and 5 decks.
oil press machine
3 decks vibratory sieve machine
Screen diameter: 600mm. Dimension: 780*600*960mm
Screen diameter: 800mm. Dimension: 1000*800*1100mm
Screen diameter: 1000mm. Dimension: 1100*1100*1250mm
4 decks vibratory sieve machine
Screen diameter: 600mm. Dimension: 780*600*1070mm
Screen diameter: 800mm. Dimension: 1000*800*1220mm
Screen diameter: 1000mm. Dimension: 1200*1000*1360mm
5 decks vibratory sieve machine
Screen diameter: 600mm. Dimension: 780*600*1200mm
Screen diameter: 800mm. Dimension: 1000*800*1340mm
Screen diameter: 1000mm. Dimension: 1200*1000*1400mm

Hemp seed dehulling machine is with small three rubber roller huller machine, equivalent to two roller shell huller machine two times .
A can thoroughly clean little noise separation chaff. The body to all the seal type, chaff dust and all in a bag inside, use or the appearance of the room without dust, environmental sanitation little noise.
Huller machine’s warehouse door can be very convenient open, and the door with glass, use very convenient adjustment . 
Roller thick rubber hierarchy, and long service life. 
Beautiful outlook, cover an area of an area small.
Automatic hemp seed oil press machine application: Applications:
Beans, Peanut, Sunflower seeds, Cotton Seeds, Rapeseeds, Coconut meat etc

Technical Data

No. Machine Name
1 Screening machine(vibratory sieve)
2 Hemp Seeds Dehuller Machine
3 Automatic Oil Press Machine



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