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Automatic Snack Chips Fruit Vacuum Fryer|VKV-C Frying Equipment

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  • Capacity:Can be customized
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Vacuum frying machine is the practice of frying and dehydrating food at low temperature (80° C-120℃), which can effectively reduce the damage of high-temperature food nutrients. Vacuum frying and degreasing have a unique effect. Currently mainly used in:
1. Fruits: Banana, jackfruit, apple, kiwi, strawberries, peaches, pears, etc.;
2. Vegetables: Sweet potatoes, potatoes, green beans, onion, mushrooms, garlic, carrots, green peppers, pumpkins, onions, okra etc.;
3. Dried fruits: jujube, peanuts, cashew nuts etc.;
vacuum frying machine for sale
Low-temperature vacuum frying can prevent the deterioration of the quality of edible oils and fats. It is not necessary to add other antioxidants, which can improve the repeated utilization rate of oil and reduce the cost. The oil content of fried foods is as high as 40%-50%, and the oil content of vacuum fried foods. In 10%-15%, fuel saving 30%-40%, the fuel saving effect is remarkable, the food is brittle but not greasy, and the storability is good.Under vacuum, the water in the cell gap of fruit and vegetable is rapidly vaporized, expanded, the gap is enlarged, and the puffing effect is good. The product is crispy and delicious, and has good rehydration properties.
fruit vacuum fried machine
Feature of the vacuum fryer machine:
Learn from the independent research and development of Japanese technology. Heating, frying, oil storage, deoiling, dehydration, oil filtration integrated design, continuous completion under vacuum, product oil content is low, the product is in a negative pressure state, in this relatively oxygen-free conditions for food processing, It can reduce or even avoid the harm caused by oxidation (such as fatty acid loss, enzymatic browning and other oxidative deterioration). In the negative pressure state, oil is used as a heat transfer medium, and the moisture inside the food (free water and partially bound water) evaporates rapidly and ejects. Forming a loose porous structure into the tissue;
Raw material cleaning and peeling - slicing - cutting strips - killing (blanching and color protection) - dehydration - quick freezing - vacuum frying - vacuum deoiling - seasoning - product packaging - storage


Technical Data

Model GG-320 GG-500 GG-800 GG-1000 GG-1200
Specifications Φ320 mm Φ500 mm Φ800 mm Φ1000 mm Φ1200 mm
Material box sizes Φ300*200 mm Φ500*460 mm Φ800*500 mm Φ1000*600mm Φ1200*600 mm
Material box number 2 2 2 2 2
Vacuum degree of work 0.096-0.098 mpa 0.096-0.098 mpa 0.096-0.098 mpa 0.096-0.098 mpa 0.096-0.098 mpa
Working Temperature 80-120 C 80-120 C 80-120 C 80-120 C 80-120 C
Vacuum pump power 5.5 Kw 11 Kw 11 Kw 11+3 Kw 11+3 Kw
Heating mode electrical electrical/steam electrical/steam electrical/steam electrical/steam
Volume 14 L 90 L 250 L 470 L 680 L
(french fries,for example)
5-6 Kg/Time 35-40 Kg/Time 95-100 Kg/Time 190-200 Kg/Time 280-300 Kg/Time
Installed capacity 30 Kw 20.5 Kw 20.5 Kw 23.5 Kw 23.5 Kw
Overall dimensions 1400*1400*1900 mm 2400*2400*2400 mm 3600*3200*3000 mm 3800*3600*3000 mm 4200*3800*3400 mm



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