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SS304 Commercial Chicken Nuggets Making Machine Manufacturer

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:300-1000 kg/h,can be customized
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


This commercial chicken nuggets making machine is automatic or semi-automatic line and all machines are made of stainless steel. The full set of chicken nuggets making machine consists of Meat cube cutting machine, butter mixer machine, powdering machine, nuggets frying machine, Vibrating Screen (to do deoiling),  Wind Cooling Machine and Lifting Machine, Packaging machine.
chicken nuggets frying line
Working flow of making fried chicken nuggets:
Meat cube cutting——Butter mixer——powdering machine——Nuggets frying——De-oiling——Cooling——Packaging.
The automatic chicken nuggets production line is highly automated, easy to use and clean. It can automatically complete nuggets forming, flouring, frying, deoiling etc. As the production line consists of different single machines, you can choose one set or a few sets machines according to your products.

nuggets making machine price
This commercial chicken nuggets making machines to make many kinds snack food such as hamburger patty, chicken/ fish nuggets, chicken/ fish cutlet, Tempura, taro sweet potatoe balls, frying onion rings,etc.
This chicken nuggets making machine can automatically accomplish the filling, molding, stickers, working procedure such as output, which can produce market fashion, chicken nuggets, hamburgers meat pie, and fish sweet Hamburg, potato latkes, pumpkin pie, meat bunches product, is the fast food restaurant, distribution center, food factory ideal meat (vegetable) molding equipment.
The nuggets processing procedure includes forming, battering, frying and deoiling, etc. The minced meat can be chicken meat, fish meat, seafood meat, beef, pork, lamb or even vegetables, such as potato or onion or beans etc. The shapes of final products can be changed easily, such as round, rectangle etc by changing the mould. 
nuggets making machine manufacturer
Automatic chicken nuggets production line can automatically fulfill many procedures such as forming, frying, deoiling, etc. The commercial nuggets production line is high robotization, easy to operate, and easy to clean.
♥ How to control the frying time of the fryer machine ? 
Answer: the working speed of fryer machine is adjustable. If working speed is faster, the frying time will be short. If working speed is slow, the frying time will be long. 
♥ How about guarantee of these chicken nuggets production line ? 
Answer: All machines in this line are with guarantee of one year. 
♥ We are just beginning this business and can not operate the machines. Will you come to us to install and teach us to operate machines ? 
Answer: Yeah, it is ok. We can arrange our technicians to come to clients’ factory to install machines and teach to operate machines. 

Technical Data

No. Name Quantity(set) Power
1 Continuous Powdering Machine 1 0.75Kw
2 Continuous Frying Machine 1 120Kw
3 Vibrating Screen 1 0.5Kw
4 Wind Cooling Machine 1 10.1Kw
5 Lifting Machine 1 0.55Kw



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