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Automatic Chicken Nuggets Frying Plant Processing Machine

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-500Kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


This chicken nuggets processing line is water-oil fried mixed equipment,it adopts the most advanced international oil mixed principle.The oil is used for fry food on the top, and the waster accept sinking residues at the bottom,so that oil will not become black.This machine is smoke-free type,good for the environment.It can be used for frying chicken,potato chips,donuts,snacks and so on.
chicken nuggets frying plant
Introduce Of The Machine:
(1)Continuous Seasoning Machine
This machine is used to cover powder on the surface on chicken nuggests. It can continuous working, and the powdering amount also can be controlled. Made of stainless steel 304. Automatic discharging system. 
This kind of continuous frying machine, it is made of stainless steel 304. Automatic feeding and automatic discharge. Water-oil separate working system with oil filter sytem. This machine is made with electric heating system, it also can be made to be gas heating system according to clients requirement.
chicken nuggets frying machine
(3)Vibrating Screen Machine
This kind of vibrating screen is used to remove the oil on the surface of chicken nuggets. It is made of stainless steel 304. And will no damage to chicken nuggets. 
(4)Wind Cooling Machine
This kind of wind cooling machine is used to remove the oil on the surface of chicken nuggets. After the chicken nugget come into this machine from vibrating screen, the fan of this machine will produce air to cool down the final products.

Technical Data

No. Name Quantity(set) Power
1 Continuous Seasoning Machine 1 0.75Kw
2 Continuous Frying Machine 1 120Kw
3 Vibrating Screen 1 0.5Kw
4 Wind Cooling Machine 1 10.1Kw
5 Lifting Machine 1 0.55Kw



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