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Automatic Namkeen Fryums Pellet Chips Frying Line

  • Brand:GELGOOG
  • Capacity:100-1000kg/h
  • WhatsApp: +8618537181190


Automatic fryums frying machine line available in different models ranging from 100 kg per hr to 1000 kg per hr, grace food processing & packaging machinery offers is a direct fired system as well Heat exchanger fired system, Our machine can use electricity/diesel/LPG/Natural gas as fuel. The fryums pellet chips frying line is fed from one end and it comes out fried from the other end by a conveyor system. 
fried fryums processing line
The complete set of fried fryums processing line consisted of:
1. Continuous frying equipment: The heating tube is installed in the heat-conducting oil layer and does not touch the food. The edible oil absorbs the heat of the hot oil to increase the temperature, which can prolong the life of the edible oil by more than 1.5 times. There is an anti-floating mesh belt on the main mesh belt to prevent the product from floating in the fryer and ensure the frying effect of the product
2. Deoiling equipment: Automatic centrifugal rotary and deoiling, automatic discharging; The deoiling machine is equipped with the timer, and the deoiling time can be set depending on requirements.
3. Seasoning equipment: The drum type seasoning equipment is easy to operate, high output, evenly stirred, automatic discharge, stainless steel material, is an ideal seasoning and stirring tool for puffed food. The gear motor is used to rotate the gear, so that the puffed food is not broken, stirred evenly, and is easy to operate.

fryums frying equipment for sale

GELGOOG offers a one stop shop fryums pellet chips frying line including fryums frying machine, deoiling machine, snacks flavoring machine, etc. All machines are made of 304 stainless steel, with high performance, long operational life, labor saving. Automatic fryums frying machine of this pipeline uses oil-water mixture or pure oil scraping residue technique, residues in food can automatically sink into water, or scrap off residue through longitudinal or transerve  scraping slag system, which can keep the oil clean. And oil filter machine can be equipped for cleaning oil. 

Application of fryums frying line: namkeen (Indian savories), various pulses, green pea snacks, pellets, fryums, extruded snacks, kurkure, bingo type snacks, coated peanuts, banana potato chips, onion rings etc.

Technical Data

Name Qty
Continuous Frying Machine 1 2.25
Oil filter Device 1 1.5
Deoiling Machine 1 1.5
Conveying Lifting Machine 1 0.55
Cooling Machine 1 8.6
Seasoning Machine 1 2.25



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